Unparalleled insight into your process

OptimusTM is a breakthrough in level measurement. It is the only instrument to provide accurate and repeatable nucleonic-level measurement, even in the presence of process deposits, extreme temperatures and pressure changes. Unique algorithms provide unparalleled insight into vessel operating conditions, monitoring what occurs in the vapour space and allowing the extent of deposition to be identified.

The highly robust OptimusTM has no moving parts and does not have contact with the process – keeping process break-ins to a minimum. It has the ability to deliver consistent, accurate and repeatable level measurements, regardless of temperature and process conditions. Its many benefits include process optimisation, reduction in unplanned shutdowns and improved product quality.

The OptimusTM provides operators with the confidence to run the process at the desired level to increase production, maximise throughput and avoid the negative impact of losing liquid or slurry levels. This innovative instrument is designed for liquid level, interface, density measurements and solids monitoring in upstream and downstream vessels. Download our OptimusTM product data sheet for further details.

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