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Thank you for choosing the PED2, next generation personal electronic dosimeter from Tracerco. To ensure that you get the most out of your new device, scroll down to download the user manual, create an account and install DoseVision2, our powerful cloud-based, dosimetry management software platform.

Download PED2 user manual


Create a DoseVision account

Create account

Download DoseVision2 software


Your PED2 device

Familiarise yourself with the features of your PED2 device and learn how to navigate your way using our intuitive one-button design. You also have the ability to personalise your PED2 to match your unique preferences, such as language settings and dose limits, among other customisable features.

Download user manual

Create a DoseVision account

Create a DoseVision account and stay connected. Use your DoseVision account to create, view or edit your profile or organisation. Link your DoseVision profile with your user profile in the desktop app to seamlessly access your data on the go via our web app.

Create an account

Install the DoseVision2 software

DoseVision2 is a powerful, cloud-based software platform for flexible device configuration and quick and easy reporting and visualisation of worker dose data. To connect your PED2 device, download the desktop app on a Windows device or use the web app to manage your account from anywhere in the world, on any device.

DoseVision2 Desktop App

Connect PED2 devices

View dose data

Change PED2 settings

Synchronise data

Web App

View your profile

Edit your user account

View your organisation

Contact Tracerco support

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If you have any difficulties in setting up your device or software, contact our customer service support team to provide you with assistance and guidance.

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