Mining applications

Optimising mining processes with nucleonic measurement

Designed for the most challenging mineral processing problems, Tracerco’s advanced nuclear level, phase and density measurement systems can be installed by mining operators to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and productivity of their key processes.

Being able to accurately quantify and report real time data from field operations, in remote and harsh environments, poses a challenge to most conventional measurement technologies. Tracerco’s Profiler, Hyperion™ and Optimus™  systems provide more reliable, repeatable, cost effective, and maintenance free solutions to challenging mining measurement situations including: transporting slurry feeds; controlling thickener flow; and accurate cyclone monitoring.

The Profiler™ is designed to measure slight changes in the interface distribution of fluids and solids to give unparalleled visibility within a floatation tank or thickener. With no moving parts The Profiler provides a maintenance-free process control solution.

Hyperion™ has innovative scintillator-based technology, which is  reliable and accurate for non-contact bulk level and density measurement. It offers unrivalled stability to mining operators, automatically compensating for ambient temperature changes, allowing sustained accuracy and virtually no age-related drift in measurements. With enhanced self-diagnostics, and built-in condition monitoring, Hyperion™ can monitor health status, relative humidity, predict component failures (e.g. wear of pipes), and provide an end-of-life estimation.

Optimus™ is a breakthrough level measurement instrument providing accurate and repeatable nucleonic-level measurement in processes areas such as preheat cyclones and crusher surge bins, even in the presence of process deposits, extreme temperatures and pressure changes. Its many benefits include process optimisation, reduction in unplanned shutdowns and improved product quality.

Tracerco also offers a range of market leading radiation monitors  and can advise and train staff on requirements for radiation protection.

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Hyperion™ is a market leading scintillator-based technology ensuring high sensitivity while resisting high exposure.

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The Profiler™ provides a window into the thickener or floatation tank, measuring and controlling the interface distribution of solids in liquids.

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Optimus™ is a level measurement system for liquid level, interface and solids monitoring in vessels such as cyclones or silos.

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