World Pipelines: Data insights at depth

Designed and developed to give owner operators an enhanced understanding of a pipeline, its coating, and its process fluid – all whilst fully operational – DiscoveryTM has quickly become the market leading technology deployed on assets across the world, most recently on deepwater projects in the UK, Europe, US, West Africa and, very recently, South America. The use of pioneering subsea CT scanning technology – the first of its type in the industry and primarily used for non-invasive medical diagnostic technique – has revolutionised the pipeline maintenance industry by providing critical flow assurance and integrity data without any need for the removal of coating and all in real-time. Similar to DiscoveryTM, ExplorerTM is an industry first, providing flow assurance screening capabilities to identify areas for further investigation, and which is often deployed as a precursor to Discovery.

Download our whitepaper today and learn more about how using DiscoveryTM and ExplorerTM technologies means owner operators can confidently and accurately – using real-time data – schedule preventative maintenance programmes and make informed and calculated decisions focused on how they can extend the lifespan of a pipeline past its original design life.

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