Unconventional multi-zone wells: reservoir characterisation and flowback optimisation

A customer wanted to test two different lithologies for gas development in the Neuquén Basin. As part of the investigation, a slanted two-horizon target well was drilled, distributing 10 stages in the upper zone, and 10 stages in the lower zone.

Unique pairs gas and water tracers were added to each of the 21 treated stages of the well during stimulation. The injection was controlled and care was taken to tag all stages in the same way, ensuring that the tracers would penetrate deep into the fracture structure and make contact with formation hydrocarbons.

Download the Case Study using the form below and learn how subsequent flowback and sample analysis for the presence of the injected tracers, allowed relative gas and water flow from the different stages to be evaluated, thus enabling the customer to determine if all their stimulation efforts were effectively producing.

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