The first ever inflow tracer study of a Middle Eastern offshore field

The first inflow tracer technology application in a Middle Eastern offshore field was performed with the expertise and industry-leading technologies of Tracerco. In this study, an operator needed to collect fluid flow data in offshore oil producers in a new field development over a period of multiple years. Though production logging tools (PLTs) had been used in the past for a “snap shot” of production along the well laterals, these tools proved expensive for repetitive use and required the well to be shut-in each time a new dataset was to be collected. In its place, a project using Tracerco’s inflow tracer technology was used in order to achieve a similar quantitative understanding of the flow profile during transient production periods as well as an on-going qualitative understanding of production during steady-state production, all without the need to stop production and at a lower price point than PLT operations.

Download our case study to learn more about how our customer gained critical insights using our polymer technology without the need for well intervention or deferred production which resulted in significant savings.

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