Flow loop testing to validate Tracerco's solid chemical inflow tracer technology

Understanding fluid inflow is a critical component in the evaluation and optimisation of producing wells, allowing operators to maximise recovery from a reservoir and address issues that undermine that goal such as early or excessive water breakthrough, non-productive zones, etc. As such, operators need confidence in the accuracy of techniques used to capture inflow behaviour. As an industry leader in flow measurement technologies, we provide an accurate, cost-effective method of fluid inflow measurement using our proprietary chemical tracer technology. Via independent third party testing and validation, it has been proven that our product and technical expertise provides insight into fluid inflow behaviour as effectively or better than any other commercial inflow analysis, including production logging tool (PLT) or fiber optic distributed temperature sensors (DTS).

Download our latest case study to learn more about how our chemical inflow tracer technology was validated, demonstrating how solid polymer tracers can accurately quantify inflow along a horizontal lateral under transient conditions.


Download the case study

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